Best Electric Callus Removers

Electric Callus Removers

You care about the appearance of your feet. You want them to feel nice and healthy. Calluses on your feet can be troublesome and difficult to remove by yourself.  They can be ugly and incredibly uncomfortable. With Electric Callus Removers, removing the calluses can be easy with the right tools in hand.


Traditionally this would be done with metal or wooden foot files and coarse pumice stones.  Electric Callus Removers have improved dramatically over the years and provide a solution that fits just about anyone’s budget.  They are quick, convenient and save a lot of time that would be otherwise taken up filing your feet manually with a pumice stone or hand file.  A job nobody wants apart from your dedicated podiatrist.

Electric Callus Removers come with detachable rollers or discs.  They rotate, spin or roll when placed on your foot callus, essentially acting as a pumice stone.  They act to exfoliate the dead skin on your calluses.

We’ve done our research and have narrowed it down to the Top Five Electric Callus Removers.

The Care Me Rechargeable Electric Callus RemoverCare Me Foot Callus Remover

This is a beauty!  Want to get rid of those nasty calluses, dry spots and cracks the easy way? Looking to quickly and easily get your feet looking clean, healthy and attractive without spending a fortune?  Then check out this powerful and premium quality pedicure tool.

  • Improved Powerful Motor Spins 40 turns/sec revealing Your Attractive & Sexy Feet in Mins. For You who Prefer to Apply Extra Pressure (use on Dry Feet)
  • PREMIUM Rechargeable Battery –  built-in 1,000 mAH Nickel-Hydride battery that can be charged 1,000 times over its life. Charges 8 hours and Powerfully Runs for 40 minsCare Me Foot Callus Remover
  • Contains Two Quality, Durable, Coarse Rollers: one COARSE ROLLER for hard skin and one SUPER COARSE for tough calluses to fit all your needs.


E-Pedi Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover

E-Pedi Rechargeable Callus Remover

Painlessly and quickly removes unsightly callus and dry jagged skin from feet and hands.

  • Rechargeable cordless operation works faster and safer than metal scrapers with no blade to cut the skin.
  • LED light allows you to see areas that need special attention.
  • Fully charged in 6 hours with long lasting power without the hassle of buying batteries.
  • Set of quality coarse and fine mineral rollers, cleaning brush and AC adapter.

E-Pedi Rechargeable Callus Remover



Emjoi Micro-Pedi NanoMicro Pedi callus remover

The Micro-Pedi Nano is engineered with a powerful motor and a better ergonomic design.  Its unique roller spins 360 degrees, at an amazing 30 times a second, to gently and effectively buff away hard, jagged skin on the soles of heels.

  • Ground-breaking device takes the chore out of smoothing skin on the feet
  • Gently and effectively buffs away dead, calloused, hard and dry skin in seconds
  • Unique roller with micro mineral particles pulverizes dead skin in an instantMicro Pedi callus remover
  • Safer and more effective than metal scrapers, which use blades to cut the skin
  • Easier to use than the other methods, that require constant rubbing
  • All Micro-Pedi Refill Rollers are compatible with all Micro-Pedi models
  • Battery-operated (2AA not included)
  • Accepted American Podiatric Medical Association

Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus RemoverTip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

Lure Tip 2 Toe Powered Foot Tool. The Professional’s choice. This is a professional-grade product with a variable speed control for precise callus removal.

  • Comes with 3 – Fine and 3 – Course attachments.
  • 9ft swivel cord
  • Integrated hook
  • Speed control dial
Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File – Extra CoarseAmopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

The Amope Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File gently & effectively buffs away your thick hard skin to reveal touchably smooth feet.  The roller surface has micro-abrasive particles that remove hard skin quickly and thoroughly.

  • Refillable Extra Coarse roller head with Diamond Crystals that spins 360 degrees for quick results on thick, calloused skin
  • Effective to remove dead skin from feet for the perfect pedicure at home
  • Battery operated electric foot file with four AA Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot Filebatteries (included)
  • Ergonomically shaped soft touch handle for an effortless, perfect pedi


Advantages of using an electric hard skin remover

  • You’re trying to keep cost down. Depending on the services available to you locally, seeing a private podiatrist can be costly, especially if you need several treatments. 
  • You don’t like other people touching your feet. I don’t know about you but I don’t like my feet being touched by anyone, many of my male and more often female friends are the same.
  • You care about the appearance of your feet. Especially in the summer months, people like to get their feet out, whether it’s wearing sandals or walking on the beach.  It’s actually good for your feet and recommended by many podiatrists. 
  • You’re lazy. If you’ve ever had stubborn hard skin on your feet you will know the time and effort it can take to remove it manually. 
  • You care about quality. As with any electrical device some are produced better than others, we care about quality and so should you. There are some very cheap and quite frankly poorly manufactured products, we help sort the good from the bad.

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